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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured


CaseAdvance© For Personal Injury Clients


No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured

How It Works?

Get prompt medical attention as soon as possible after an accident.
Establish an attorney-client relationship; get an injury claim underway.

Apply for a CaseAdvance©; expect a quick response.

Accept pre-settlement funding; experience relief from financial pressures.

Continue developing the case. When the settlement or verdict is paid, CaseAdvance© will be repaid.

If a case is lost, CaseAdvance© is owed nothing.

We take the worries; the client takes the cash.

Not A Loan
Our pre-settlement funding is contingent, with no repayment required if a case fails.


Easy For Clients
is no credit check, no income minimum and no complicated paperwork for clients.


Helpful For Attorneys
Lawyers looking for help for accident victims find answers with CaseAdvance©.


Quick Relief For The Injured
There is no need to wait for a case to end to carry on with life in the meantime.