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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured


CaseAdvance© For Personal Injury Clients


No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured



I was in a terrible automobile accident and less than 3 months after the accident was diagnosed with cancer. To make matters worse after my diagnosis, my husband left me. Being abandoned by my husband was terrible but because of the accident I could not work and the bills started piling up. This caused me even more stress and despair. I found CaseAdvance© on-line and within two days a check was sent to my home. Thank you CaseAdvance©. The money you sent will allow me to continue to pay my bills until my case resolves. Lisa L. [Florida]

In August of 2006 I was involved in a trip and fall in Virginia. Because Virginia is a contributory fault state, I was repeatedly turned down by numerous other funding companies. CaseAdvance© believed in my case when no other companies would and sent me a check. Thanks. Paul S. [Virginia]

I signed a contract with another lawsuit funding company for 15,000. After about 6 months I needed some additional funds and was told no. I tried other companies, but was repeatedly told that due to the prior advance there was no additional money available for me. CaseAdvance© was different. They paid-off the initial debt to the previous lawsuit funding company, got me $10,000 additional money in my pocket, and saved me $500 per month. Wow! CaseAdvance© took care of me when nobody else would. Dan S. [Texas]

I needed money fast and had no options. My attorney said he knew of a company that might be able to help. He called CaseAdvance© for me, sent the necessary documents, and I had a check sitting at my house the very next day. The customer care and speed with which I was approved was amazing. Thanks CaseAdvance©. Heidi K. [Nevada]


Over the years, my firm has had several clients who needed lawsuit funding. Unfortunately, all of the lawsuit companies I have dealt with charge compound interest, which can make it extremely difficult to settle cases. CaseAdvance© does not charge compound interest or broker fees, which is a big cost savings for our clients. Eric. T [California]

CaseAdvance© has consistently been the most sensible lawsuit funding option for our clients. The underwriters at CaseAdvance© are extremely knowledgeable and efficient. In many instances, CaseAdvance© can approve one of our clients the same day that they apply, which means the client receives funds on the following day. In my experience, this type of rapid turnaround is unprecedented, and it is much appreciated by our clients who have pressing financial needs. Tom B. [Minnesota]

Lawsuit funding is a vital part of any large personal injury practice because it protects clients from compromising their cases due to external financial pressures. CaseAdvance© excels by providing our clients with just the right amount of funds for our clients to resolve their immediate financial emergencies. I have seen other lawsuit funding companies over-fund cases, which complicates my job at the conclusion of the case when there are insufficient funds to pay the client and all of the lien holders. Eric Y. [Virginia]

Lawsuit funding has become much more prevalent over the past several years, but CaseAdvance© is the only company that has consistently proven to be competent and cost-effective for our clients. More importantly, the people at CaseAdvance© treat our clients with compassion and integrity, which is exactly how injury victims who are suffering serious financial woes deserve to be treated. John B. [Nevada]