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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured

Do You Need A CaseAdvance© After A Car Accident?

Last updated on August 11, 2020

Sorting out all the legal and practical issues arising from a car accident is rarely simple or straightforward. Issues that may need to be resolved before obtaining a successful settlement include:

  • An investigation into the facts: How did the accident occur? Accident reconstruction may be necessary. What is the extent of any property damage and physical injuries? Review of medical records is critical and additional doctors’ reports and recommendations may need to be augmented as treatment progresses.
  • Determination of liability: Whose fault was it? What person, organization and/or insurance company should be held responsible to compensate the injured?
  • Negotiations and/or litigation: Settlement negotiations may prove to be challenging, especially as responsible parties and/or insurers attempt to pass the blame. Questions of subrogation, percentage of fault, and other legal issues are common.

Lawyers, investigators, insurance adjusters, health care providers, and court personnel all have their respective duties in connection with an accident injury lawsuit or claim. Consequently, the process of recovering compensation takes time! Meanwhile, an injured person often runs into financial problems which can cause extreme hardship while their case is still pending.

If you or your close family member suffered injury in a car or truck accident in California or elsewhere, how will you pay medical bills, replace lost wages and otherwise cope? Through CaseAdvance©, you can get cash before your settlement finalizes — risk-free!

Non-recourse funding through CaseAdvance© is not a loan. Your eligibility does not depend on your credit record, income, or other personal factors. It only depends on the merits of your auto case and if your case fails and you do not receive any recovery, you will owe us nothing.

You Don’t Have To Accept A Quick Settlement After A Car Accident —A CaseAdvance© Can Buy You Time During The Course Of A Long Legal Process

If you are under a cash-flow squeeze after an auto accident, CaseAdvance© can be a valuable resource of pre-settlement funding. Call us at 866-972-5650 toll free or email us to request a consultation. We welcome inquiries from injured people, their family members, and attorneys representing the injured.