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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured


CaseAdvance© For Personal Injury Clients


No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured

CaseAdvance© For Serious Slip-And-Fall Injuries Such As Bone Fractures

Were you injured in a slip-and-fall accident involving any of these circumstances?

  • Falling down stairs
  • Falling over a banister that is too low, in violation of safety codes
  • Falling on a slippery surface
  • Tripping on debris, loose carpet or floor tiles, or a cracked sidewalk
  • Falling from a platform such as a stage or balcony
  • Falling on an unleveled surface, such as a ramp
  • Tripping and falling while entering or exiting a bus, train or elevator
  • Falling into a poorly marked or open trench or ditch

Whatever the cause or severity of your slip-and-fall accident, CaseAdvance© can provide pre-settlement funding for your worthy case. You may be working with a personal injury lawyer to represent you in a premises liability claim or lawsuit. As your attorney works hard to recover compensation for you, financial hardships may be a real problem. CaseAdvance© may be the answer.

At CaseAdvance©, we understand your predicament as you struggle to recover from your injuries and handle money matters at the same time. We are experienced plaintiff’s lawyers who started this business with a plan to help injured people like you with lawsuits in progress.

  • We are fast. Once we determine your case has merit, we can get money to you almost immediately.
  • It’s easy to qualify. A CaseAdvance© is not a loan, but rather, a source of early funding for people with injury cases underway.
  • There is no risk in accepting pre-settlement funding from CaseAdvance©. If you lose your injury claim or lawsuit, you will owe nothing!
  • What they say about us: Past clients of CaseAdvance© have appreciated the convenience, flexibility, and speed of this valuable service.

Even A Minor Injury Can Trigger Major Expenses

Even when a slip-and-fall accident results in minor injuries such as a broken ankle or a knee ligament tear, medical expenses can be significant. Hospitalization, surgery and therapy may be required. Severe injuries like a head injury or fractured hip can leave the injured person with large medical bills to pay and in many cases, lost wages from time off work. Long-term disabilities bring great challenges for many people who suffer fall injuries. A detailed investigation, a well-documented injury claim, and even a lawsuit may be necessary to recover compensation for the injured person.

Do You Need A Cash Advance After A Slip-And-Fall Accident? Consider CaseAdvance©.

Serious injuries take a toll — and meanwhile, life’s financial demands continue. Learn how we can help by calling 866-972-5650 toll free or by completing our online intake form. From offices in California, we work with clients statewide and nationwide. We will respond quickly and if your case is eligible, you may have your pre-settlement funding advance today.