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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured

Does Your Personal Injury Client Understand How To Get Surgery On A Lien?

As a personal injury attorney, you may already have clients who obtained a surgery on a lien. CaseAdvance© can help explain and facilitate the process for other clients who have cases where a lien-based surgery is required.

How It Works

If your client needs an operation after a car accident or other accidental injury and does not have adequate medical insurance to pay for it, you may need to find a doctor who will perform the surgery on a lien. If you find such a doctor, he or she will agree to perform the surgery and await payment once the case has settled or a verdict is achieved at trial.

Ideally, the doctor who performs surgery on a lien will agree to make the medical bill contingent on a case’s success. Naturally, physicians who enter into such agreements can be difficult to find. And even if you find a surgeon willing to render services, most hospitals and many surgery centers will not host the procedure unless payment is guaranteed.

Accordingly, CaseAdvance© assists personal injury attorneys and their clients who need surgery on a lien and can facilitate the process through our affiliate company, Specifically, we have a broad network of hospitals and surgery centers which are contracted with MedFactor to provide lien-based surgeries for personal injury victims throughout California.

Contact us today via email or call us toll-free at 866-972-5650 so we can assist you in locating a doctor to help your client with lien-based medical treatment.

When A Medical Lien Is Not Enough

Meanwhile, we also recognize that a doctor’s surgical fee is only part of the total financial compensation and assistant that a client will typically need.

Even if your client’s personal injury claim or lawsuit is solid and ample payout is expected, it can take time. With CaseAdvance©, clients with meritorious cases receive cash before the settlement or verdict is achieved.

Find Out About Surgery On A Lien And Pre-Settlement Funding For People Injured In Car Accidents And Other Accidental Injuries

As accomplished trial lawyers, we know the ins and outs of personal injury liens, claims and lawsuits. As issuers of risk-free cash advances for people injured in accidents, we provide financial breathing room for injured people in California and elsewhere. Call 866-972-5650 toll free or email us for a prompt response.