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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured


CaseAdvance© For Personal Injury Clients


No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured

A Relationship With CaseAdvance© Can Be A Big Advantage For Small And Midsized Law Firms

As a sole practitioner or lawyer at a small- to medium-sized personal injury law firm, you no doubt had good reasons to choose a personalized style of advocacy for the injured. We, the owners of CaseAdvance©, are also experienced plaintiff’s attorneys who have founded and operated successful law firms. Therefore, we truly understand that:

  • Large law firms can seem impersonal to clients who prefer regular, direct contact with their lawyer.
  • Small to midsized law firms are conducive to close attorney-client relationships.
  • Clients perceive substantial benefits from having direct contact with the lawyers who represent them, particularly during settlement negotiations and at trial.

For these reasons, many injured people and their lawyers prefer the hands-on legal services that are offered by small to medium-sized law firms.

Overcoming Fewer Resources

One characteristic of a small to midsized law firm is limited access to resources, including capital to run and grow a successful law practice. Although many in the legal community consider it unethical or impractical for law firms to lend money to their personal injury clients, large law firms have the resources to await the collection of fees and to advance costs without any impairment. On the other hand, small to midsized firms have limited ability to leverage their contingent receivables through conventional lending sources, which can make lending money to, and advancing costs for, their clients a major impairment to the firm’s overall cash flow.

That’s where CaseAdvance© comes in. Our business gives smaller law firms greater flexibility as they can point clients in our direction if they need cash before their cases are concluded. We provide risk-free pre-settlement funding for the injured which enables the law firm to apply their financial resources to obtaining new clients and quality cases.

  • A CaseAdvance© is not a loan!
  • We accept all the risk of a cash advance, just as you, the personal injury lawyer, accept the risk of not being paid if a case fails.
  • We are ready to cooperate with you, the personal injury attorney, in evaluating your client’s personal injury case and to determine the proper amount of funding in each given case.
  • You do not need to put out your own money to help keep a client (and in some instances your client’s family) afloat. CaseAdvance© is ready to offer your clients access to cash flow while their cases are pending.

Memo To Lawyers In Small And Midsized Firms: We Can Improve Cash Flow For Your Clients During A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Get the big advantage for your clients that CaseAdvance© has to offer! Improve their financial status without having your law firm shoulder the burden of becoming the financial solution for all of your clients’ needs. CaseAdvance© can enable you to take your time to build a truly compelling case on each client’s behalf without the sense of urgency that can arise when a client is running out of money. We look forward to hearing from you or your client.

Located in California, we welcome inquiries from lawyers nationwide. Call 866-972-5650 toll free or inquire online to request a consultation.