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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured


CaseAdvance© For Personal Injury Clients


No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured

Does Your Client’s Case Have Merit? As An Experienced Plaintiff’s Attorney, You Have A Good Idea.

A thorough legal review and time to build a solid settlement demand or prepare a case for trial are essential elements of a successful injury claim or lawsuits. As the lawyer representing an injured person, you are expected to apply your legal knowledge and strong track record to effectively evaluate new claims and potential lawsuits. This is where you excel and where your time and resources are best spent.

At the same time, you understand that to get the best outcome for your clients you will need time to do a thorough job. You need to examine police records, eyewitness testimonies, accident reconstruction documentation, insurance policies, doctors’ reports and more.

Your Injured Client’s Financial Position Can Become Critical Long Before You Can Posture Their Case For Settlement

Meanwhile, an injured person often experiences money shortages, affecting the whole family, in the face of:

  • Medical bills
  • Time off work
  • Ongoing life expenses

While you may sympathize and do all you can to persuade doctors to continue treating your clients while waiting for their bills to be paid with any settlement proceeds, you may be unwilling or unable to provide the financial support your clients need. Clients often need pre-settlement funding to carry on with daily life as well as to continue their medical treatment.

CaseAdvance© exists to bridge the gap while you and your clients continue to pursue the maximum attainable compensation.

While we are located in California, we welcome inquiries from personal injury clients and their attorneys throughout the U.S.

Ask About Our No-Risk Pre-Settlement Funding For The Injured

Let us hear about your client’s case and explain how CaseAdvance© can help with cash flow troubles. Email us or call 866-972-5650 toll free to schedule a consultation. We are personal injury attorneys who now focus our energies on injured people’s need for pre-settlement cash.