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No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured


CaseAdvance© For Personal Injury Clients


No-Risk CaseAdvance© For The Injured

Your Personal Injury Client Can Qualify For A CaseAdvance© Without A Credit Check

As a personal injury lawyer, you work closely with injury victims during the time it takes his or her case to reach its conclusion. You naturally want to help him or her in any way you can. You also understand the importance of conducting a thorough investigation and entering settlement negotiations, mediation or a trial, ready to fight for the best outcome for your client.

In the meantime, however, you may realize that your injured client is hurting financially, and therefore must explore ways to tap into expected settlement money in advance. That’s what we do at CaseAdvance©: We provide pre-settlement funding for personal injury clients risk-free. If your eligible client accepts CaseAdvance© funding and then go on to lose their cases, they will owe us nothing! This is why CaseAdvance© is the most respected source of early financial support for the injured among the elite plaintiff attorneys in the US.

To qualify for a CaseAdvance©, your client does NOT have to:

  • Go through a credit check
  • Provide evidence of income
  • Deal with any bank or traditional lender

Does Your Client Need Lawsuit Cash Advance After A Car Accident Or Other Accidental Injury?

An approval for a CaseAdvance© represents a vote of confidence in you. And because the CaseAdvance© underwriters are lawyers, when we advance funds on your client’s claim it also confirms the merits of his or her case.

We look forward to talking to you and your client if cash flow is a problem after a crash or fall injury. Email us or call our California offices at 866-972-5650 toll free. Get the information you need to help your client cope financially before the end of the case.